Every Pixel Watch Band & Which One Is Best For You

2023-03-01 11:47:36 By : Ms. Sally xie

Google offers several band options for the Pixel Watch that come in different colors, materials, and prices. Find out which one you should buy.

Google's new Pixel Watch comes in just one dial size, but can be customized with the various watch bands that are available from the Google Store. Google has taken a leaf out of Apple's playbook with the band options for Pixel Watch, providing different materials and styles that users can pick based on a particular activity or occasion.

The Pixel Watch comes in three case colors – Champagne Gold, Matte Black, and Polished Silver, each of which come with complementing band colors. By default, every Pixel Watch ships with the Active band when purchased, but other watch band options can be bought separately.

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There are five different watch bands for the Pixel Watch available from the Google Store and each one offers a different take on the smartwatch wristband. The Active band is the cheapest at $49.99 and comes in five color options. The second-cheapest options are the Stretch and Woven bands at $59.99 each that offer three colors each. Finally, the two most expensive bands available at the moment are the leather options at $79.99 each. While the Crafted Leather band has two color options, the Two-Tone Leather band comes in three colors.

The Active and Woven Bands are both water and sweat-resistant, while the Stretch band is only sweat-resistant. The Active Band is made from a fluoroelastomer material, comes in small and large sizes, and uses a stainless steel clasp and lugs for adjustment. The Active Band is suited to most kinds of exercise including swimming, since users can tighten the band for a snug fit thanks to the clasp.

The Stretch Band is made from recycled polyester and spandex yarns, comes in five different size options, and is clasp free. It's great for day and night-time usage since it's comfortable to wear without the clasp, however it's lack of water-resistance doesn't make it ideal to wear while exercising. The Woven Band is somewhat of a combination of the Active and Stretch bands, being made from recycled yarn, with a plastic and stainless steel clasp and lugs. However, it only comes in one adjustable size. This band is great for adding color and a unique design as well as being great if a user wants something similar to the Stretch band with a clasp.

The Crafted Leather and Two-Tone Leather bands are the most expensive and made from authentic Italian Leather, with neither being sweat nor water-resistant. Both of these bands are quite similar aside from a slight styling difference and color options. They both come in the same small and large sizes and would be a good choice for more formal occasions or a night out. Of course, using a leather band is more of a style choice rather than a practical once since it is the most expensive option available at the moment.

Google has also announced that two metal bands will be coming next spring – a Metal Mesh band and a Metal Links band. They are made from stainless steel, come in a single size, and don't offer water nor sweat-resistance. They also are both set at even more premium prices than the leather bands with the Metal Mesh priced at $129.99 and the Metal Links band at $199.99. Of course, a metal band brings that classic watch look and feel. Additionally, the Metal Links band size is customizable by adding or removing links. While the Active Band is best for most users (and comes included with the smartwatch), buying additional Pixel Watch bands is entirely dependent on whether a user wants something practical, fashionable, or a little bit of both.

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