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2023-03-01 10:55:52 By : Mr. leo LIU

Love thy neighbor — except when you want some privacy at home. Fences can be a fortune to install, and may not even be allowed where you live. So what do you do if you're too close to a neighbor's property, need to fill in a space that overlooks somewhere public, or want to be able to look out without others looking in? You've got options. These are some of the cheapest ways to block your neighbor's view.

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If your balcony or fence is open to prying eyes, this eco-friendly privacy screen is a decorative way to enclose your space. It's made of natural reed, and simply attaches with zip ties to your chain length or wooden fence or balcony rails to fill in openings. Keep in mind that some reviewers think the natural material lets in too much light, so you may need to double up if you want a true black-out. 

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If you already have a pergola that you're hoping to make more private, these curtains are a simple and cost-effective idea. This water and wind-repellant set comes in an array of colors to match most spaces. "They are NOT see through and look very expensive and classy," raves a reviewer. 

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While admittedly not the most beautiful idea, this green mesh shade will block the view through a wire fence — just attach with zip ties through the grommets. This is a quick, cost effective way to block a dog's view (we speak from experience), a construction area, or a tennis court, should you be so lucky.

This roll of plastic ivy leaves would work well for making a balcony or low fence more private while also providing a bit of zero-maintenance greenery. It attaches with zip ties or tape, and can be cut to work best for the size you need. One reviewer says they have stayed up through strong winds and rain.

This is one of the more stylish options for blocking a view or redefining a space. At over 76 inches high, it's also one of the taller ideas. The laser-cut galvanized steel is rust-proof so it can stay outside all year. Reviewers say the screen does take some work to properly install, but if you can really bolt it down, it's an attractive way to add some privacy.

This screen is similarly decorative, but can be used either vertically or horizontally. At 4 feet by 2 feet, it's not the tallest option, but would look nice on a balcony — though one reviewer posts that they used them on top of a brick wall to extend the height.

These relatively low panels (3.5 feet high and 2 feet wide) would be good for blocking the view of various lawn equipment or garbage cans, a small dog, or prying neighbors' eyes in a seating area. 

Go all out with this pretty pergola, and create a private space within a space. A covered top and four curtains mean you can completely enclose yourself while still getting air flow. It would look particularly great on an open patio.

Have space to do some permanent plantings and a green thumb to maintain them? Then you can't go wrong with privacy shrubs, which can be pruned into any shape and size you need. Keep in mind that they start out small in a planter, so if you need immediate privacy, you may need to supplement with one of the other ideas here temporarily.

Another idea is planting tall grass that can be landscaped into the perfect view blocker. Make sure to research if your climate and overall environment can support a grass planting first. 

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